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ASCWU Student Government

2021-2022 ASCWU Board of Directors Elections


2021-2022 ASCWU Board of Directors Election Results

Total number of votes: 158


  • Madeline Koval- 145 votes

Executive Vice President:

  • Geoffrey Odoch-142 votes

Senate Speaker:

  • Rachael Medalia-138 votes

*Director of Equity & Multicultural Affairs:

  • Mariah Minjarez- 5 votes
  • Paige Hall- 2 votes

*(Voted on internally by the 7 Equity and Services Council organizations that are in good standing)

Director of Student Life & Facilities:

  • Alejandra Cruz-Martinez- 109 votes
  • Syafiq Mohd-Suhaimi- 49 votes

Director of Governmental Affairs:

  • Edgar Espino- 142 votes

Results have been certified by the ASCWU Elections Commission as of 5:26 pm on April 27, 2021. 

ASCWU Position Information

In the winter 2020 quarter the student body voted to update the Constitution which governs ASCWU to include a Student Senate that will be represented by 23 elected student officers. Due to the changing landscape of the spring 2020 quarter and shortened quarter the Election Commission has voted to move forward with the election of the Executive Officer positions this quarter and continue planning and promotion of an election of the student senators during the fall 2020 quarter. This decision was made to ensure continuity between the outgoing and incoming executive team and ensures a succession plan is in place for planning over the summer. Below you will find the updated executive officer positions available to declare candidacy during the spring 2020 election. 

President: Chair of the board; must serve  20 hours/week; acts as chief spokesperson for the Board; gives the State of the ASCWU-SG Address in the spring; represents the Associated Students in all legislative issues

Executive Vice President: Vice Chair and voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; provide a budget forecast each Fall; oversee committees and appointments; provide a monthly summary of monetary activity; sit on the S&A Committee; take minutes if the office staff is unavailable.

Senate Speaker: The Senate Speaker is a voting member of the board and serves 19 hours/week as the chair and primary organizer of the Student Senate. The Senate Speaker is considered the liaison between the Student Senate and the ASCWU Board of Directors. The Senate Speaker also serves as a voting member on the ASCWU-BOD and brings issues, concerns, and legislation created by the Student Senate to the ASCWU-BOD.

Director for Equity and Multicultural Affairs: The ASCWU Director for Equity and Multi-Cultural Affairs is a voting member and serves 19 hours/week and represents the student voice regarding diversity, equity, multi-cultural, social activism, and inclusivity affairs at Central Washington University. The Director of Student of Equity and Multi-Cultural Affairs is also tasked with representing and advocating for the under-represented groups on campus or said Equity and Services Council (ESC).

Director for Student Life and Facilities: The ASCWU Director for Student Life & Facilities is a voting member of the ASCWU Board of Directors and serves 19 hours/week as the student voice regarding capital-planning projects, buildings on campus, and student services offered on campus. The Director of Student Life & Facilities is also tasked with promoting and advocating for CWU spirit on-campus and within the community.

Director for Governmental Affairs: The ASCWU Director for Governmental Affairs is a voting member of the ASCWU Board of Directors and serves 19 hours/week as the student voice regarding governmental affairs including; state, local, and federal policy. The Director of Governmental Affairs is also tasked with promoting and advocating for the CWU student policy agenda, increasing student voter registration, increasing student voter turnout, and increasing student civic education/engagement.

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