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ASCWU Student Government

ASCWU Elections: 2019-2020 Student Government

2019-2020 ASCWU Student Government Election Packets Are Now Available!


Interested in running for student government? Candidate packets are now available by completing the online application HERE!


The upcoming student election is an opportunity for you to step into a role of leadership and be a voice for more than 15,000 students at our eight campuses statewide. Once you complete this quick information application you will b e sent a copy of the official Election Packet with rules, regulation and inforamtion on how to gather your required signatures.

It is the task of the Election Commission to ensure a fair process for the candidates and to facilitate an open and inclusive process for the student body; however, it is primarily the responsibility of you, the candidate, to ensure that your campaign abides by the guidelines set forth in this packet. We would prefer to act as facilitators, not regulators throughout the process. The better you grasp each of the regulations and guidelines for candidate behavior and campaigning; the more we can be a resource for the candidates; rather than a supervisory board.

To be a candidate and a seated officer, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed (36) credit hours of which (24) credit hours shall be completed at Central Washington University. These credits will be confirmed by the beginning of Summer Quarter following elections.
  • Be in good academic standing (not on academic warning or probation) with a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher by the completion of winter 2019 quarter.
  • Complete a university background check.
  • Have not served in any executive office of the ASCWU Student Government for more than two (2) years.  Any partially completed year will count as one full year.

Officer Position Information


President: Chair of the board; must serve  20 hours/week; acts as chief spokesperson for the Board; gives the State of the ASCWU-SG Address in the spring; represents the Associated Students in all legislative issues

Executive Vice President: Vice Chair and voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; provide a budget forecast each Fall; oversee committees and appointments; provide a monthly summary of monetary activity; sit on the S&A Committee; take minutes if the office staff is unavailable.

Vice President for Clubs and Organizations: Voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; handles recognition for student groups; acts as a liaison for clubs and organizations; Chairs the Senate of Student Organizations; acts as liaison to the sports council.

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; attends all meetings of Faculty Senate; relays student concerns to Faculty Senate; meets with Provost and Faculty Senate Chair; maintains Policy Manual of the Board and annual list of Student Government motions; oversees the ASCWU-SG scholarship program; Chairs the Student Academic Senate.

Vice President for Equity and Community Affairs: Voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; The Vice President for Equity and Community Affairs serves as the liaison to university equity, diversity and service task forces and committees. Chair of the Equity and Services Council; initiate community service projects on behalf of the Board; coordinates the employment of the office support staff.

Vice President for Student Life and Facilities: Voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; chair of the Student Union Advisory Board; chair of the University Recreation advisory board; serves on the Wildcat Shop and Housing and Dining Services advisory boards; attends all RHA meetings; facilitates off-campus student concerns; oversees the integrity and safety of campus facilities, malls etc.

Vice President for Legislative Affairs: Voting member of the Board; must serve 19 hours/week; Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs; provides programs to increase political awareness; organizes voter registration drives; attends and testifies at legislative hearings in Olympia; Chairs the CWU Washington Student Lobby chapter; attends Washington Student Lobby Board Meetings.

*These positions are subject to change due to changes in ASCWU-SG Constitution & By-Laws, candidates will be notified of these changes as soon as they occur.

**Summer requirements consist of a minimum five (5) hours per week and a maximum fourteen (14) hours per week. Candidates must attend required trainings and workshops that are detailed within this packet when elected into their office as well.


Full schedule available here.

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