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ASCWU Student Government

Election Candidate Registration

Welcome to the 2018 ASCWU Election Season!

ASCWU Election Documentations

The 2018 ASCWU Candidate Elections Packet

Campaign Staff Disclosure Forum

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Here are your ASCWU Election Candidates



Brandon P. Barrett                             Edith V. Rojas

Executive Vice President

Michael Demchuck                    Kane P. Lemasters

VP for Clubs and Orgs

Stan Southern                                Bailey Kinker

VP for Academic Affairs

            JR Siperly                         Claire-Anne A. Grepo

VP for Equity and Community Affairs

         Maurice Watkins                    Jessica Hernandez     

VP for Student Life and Facilities

Jocelyn L. Matheny 

VP for Legislative Affairs

Leah R. Mobley 

If you have questions, comments, or concerns then please contact Paula Moffat in SURC 263 for more information.

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