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ASCWU Student Government

Club Responsibilities

Just as you receive certain rights when you become recognized, you also receive certain responsibilities. While these responsibilities are fully explained in the Club Senate Constitution, the following are important ones to remember.

The Constitution, Policies, and Rules of Conduct
Read the Club Senate Constitution. You are responsible for all material found within it. Copies may be obtained in SURC 236, or online by clicking HERE. If you do not understand the Constitution, contact a Senate officer for clarification. Please remember when you are meeting as a club, you represent the University, therefore appropriate conduct is essential. All organizations must follow CWU’s rules and regulations, including drinking policies, Federal, State and local laws, etc. Failure to do so may result in loss of recognition or funding.

Each club needs to choose one Senator who is responsible to act as a liaison between Club Senate and their club. An Alternate must also be chosen to fill in during your Senator’s absence. The Senator/Alternate is responsible for the following: voting on issues, concerns and funding during Club Senate meetings, relaying information back to their club, filling out necessary paperwork, requesting funds for the club and checking the club mail box weekly. Every club must have on file with the Chairperson a Senator and Alternate including their phone numbers and contact information. If you need to change you Senator or Alternate, “Change of Senator” forms are located in SURC 236.

Clubs must send a Senator to all Club Senate meetings. Meeting times are posted on the door of SURC 236 and the Club Website. If your Senator can not attend the meeting, please send your Alternate. Missing two meetings per quarter will cause your club to fall into bad standing where you will be ineligible to receive funds and use University facilities.

Good Standing

This refers to clubs and organizations that attend Club Senate meetings on a regular basis, keep both roster and/or liability waivers up to date and are eligible for receiving funds and utilizing University facilities.

Bad Standing

Occurs when a recognized club misses two meetings per quarter, and/or does not keep their member roster and/or waivers updated. While in bad standing, a club or organization is not allowed to request funds or use University facilities.  To get back in good standing, the club must attend three consecutive meetings following bad standing status.

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