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ASCWU Student Government

Club Recognition/Club Renewal

COVID-19 and Fall Renewal

  • Official Club renewal will take place in the Fall of 2020 along with Club Officer Training sessions.
    • We will have multiple sessions in the first couple of weeks of the academic year. 
    • A minimum of two officers from each club will be required to attend the training. 
    • During this time we will get you integrated into the online Presence system and review the updated processes that are living in the system. 
    • More information  on what to expect and how to prepare for this meeting will be sent via e-mail and posted here at a later date.

**Even though renewal will take place in the Fall please make sure you are doing/documenting the following with your club:

  • Either conducting officer elections or planning what special elections in the fall looks like for your specific club.
  • Recording social media accounts and passwords. 
  • Reviewing your club's constitution and making any amendments or edits necessary. 
  • Documenting event plans/procedure
    • What external vendors, performers, or contractors did you use? 
    • What was the overall cost of putting on the event? 
    • How did you get the money to do the event? 
    • Where was the event scheduled? 
    • What was the timeline for making it happen?
  • Documenting travel plans/procedure
    • When is the event taking place that you're traveling to?
    • What was the overall cost and budget breakdown?
    • How did you decide who went? 
    • When did you request funding, was that enough time to request comfortably? 

We will be relying heavily on our club advisers to disseminate appropriate information to their returning club members. 
If you have any questions please contact Michael Middleton the Student Engagement Cooridnator at

How to Recognize Your New ASCWU Club 

ASCWU Clubs can be created at any point during the year after completing the following steps and upon insurance approval. 

1. Acquire Student Members

You will need a minimum of four members. These initial four members will serve as your officers and most likely the members with the ability to reserve rooms for club activity, as well as having access to your club account in the SURC Accounting office. 

2. Acquire A Faculty/Staff Adviser 

Your club will need to have a Faculty/Adviser in order to be recognized. If you are having trouble locating an advisor reach out to the Student Engagement Team ( and we will help to connect you. 

3. Submit Online Recognition Paperwork 

The online recogontion packet will need to be filled out and turned in physically to the Student Involvement Office (SURC 250) OR e-mailed to

4. Attend New Club Consultation 

At least two executive members of your club will also have to attend a new club consultation with a Student Engagement Team member. In this meeting we will review the fundamentals of being a club, as well as expectations and requirements to maintain good standing. 

How to Renew Your Existing ASCWU Club 

ASCWU Clubs must renew their recognition status annually. Renewal for the upcoming year is open as early as Spring Quarter of the following year and must be completed by the third week of the Fall Quarter before clubs go into bad standing. 

1. Transition Leadership Positions

Hold elections in April-May to identify new club leadership. Pass officer roles and responsibilities to new club officers.

2. Submit Online Renewal Paperwork 

The online renewal packet will need to be filled out and turned in physically to the Student Involvement Office (SURC 250) OR e-mailed to

3. Attend Officer Training (taking effect Fall 2020-2021)

At least two executive members of your club will have to attend one of the officer training workshops. Dates of workshops TBA

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