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Club Funding Requests (Funds Council)

How to Submit A Club Funding Request

Clubs can submit Club Funding Requests when they would like to acquire funding from Club Council, Student Academic Senate (SAS), and/or Services and Activities (S&A) for things like club travel, events, advertisement, and more. The following steps will guide you through creating and submitting a Club Funding Request.

1. Complete the Funds Council Request Form

This form is the first step in the funding request process and requires basic club information, a proposed budget, and an explanation of what the funding will be used for.

2. Schedule a Funds Request Consultation (Optional)

This optional consultation allows clubs to meet with a Student Engagement Team Member to discuss and look over their funds request and/or presentation for any discrepancies, areas of improvement, or as just one last check before presenting. These consultations can be scheduled before finishing the Funds Council Request Form above, during its creation or your presentation's creation, or after everything has been completed and submitted.

Please contact the Student Engagement Team at if you would like to schedule a funding request consultation.

3. Present at Funds Council

After submitting your Funds Council Request Form, your club is required to present your funding request at a Funds Council meeting. Clubs must follow the Funding Request Presentation Template to ensure all of their necessary information is present and available for Funds Council members to vote efficiently and effectively.

4. Post-Vote Purchasing Meetings (if applicable)

If your club does receive funding from Funds Council, you can schedule a purchasing meeting to pre-pay for any items or services that your club plans to use in the future like hotels, flights, CWU motor pool, etc. Please note, pre-purchases cannot be made for items or services with variable/changing prices like Uber, Lyft, etc. 

Please contact the Student Engagement Team at to schedule a Purchasing Meeting.

5. Report Back

After your club uses the funds you were allocated by Funds Council, you are also required to complete a Report Back Submission. This is a quick description of your funds usage to help Club Council, SAS, and S&A see and have records of how their budgets are being spent and to display all of the great things your clubs are doing through successful planning and execution!

6. Reimbursement (if applicable)

If your club wants to be reimbursed for any purchases you've made with your own personal or club account money, you must fill out an Expense Report to show records of all your club's expenses along with all itemized receipts of your transactions.


More information on Funds Council can be found in the Funds Council Doctrine.

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