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About Student Life and Facilities

Rob Lane


    As a high school senior, I applied to three Universities- CWU-WSU-MSU. Having already visited the other schools, it was now time for me to visit good ol’ Central Washington University. Prior to my visit, I had believed that CWU was too close to my hometown and that there was no way I would end up going here. Boy was I wrong. After stepping foot onto campus, it was hard for me to deny how beautiful it was here, the Kittitas Valley truly is a spectacular place! The fact that I could swim, fish, and essentially do any outdoor activity also added to my excitement. The true selling point for me however, was how affordable this institution was when compared to other universities of similar academic standing. Also, my class sizes would be around 30-40 students as opposed to a larger university which would have an insane number of students in my classes. I really can say that the smaller class sizes benefitted me tremendously and have allowed me to get to know professors on a more personal basis. It’s cliché to say, but I rarely have had professors who do not know me on a first name basis.
Goals for the office of Student Life and Facilities include:
-          Provide help to any and all student’s needing guidance
-          Expanding on current events (Big Tuesday & Wellington’s Wildfire) and gaining more participation from student’s in these events.
-          Expanding Wellington Wildcat’s social media presence
-          Expanding Wellington Wildcat’s outfit
-          Add more student art to the SURC Union building
-          Help in the creation of the wildcat statue
-          Creating more events to provide to students


The Vice President for Student Life and Facilities is a voting member of the Board; must serve 14 hours/week; chairs the Student Union Advisory Board; attends all Residence Hall Association (RHA) meetings; oversees the integrity and safety of campus facilities, malls etc.; and facilitates off-campus student concerns.

Office: 509-963-1698
Cell:  509-201-6371

Advisor to Student Union Advisory Board
Cherie Wilson, Associate Director, Student Union Operations
Office: 509-963-1350