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ASCWU Student Government

About Equity and Community Affairs


ASCWU Equity and Community Affairs VP, Jessica Hernandez

As Vice President of the Office of Equity and Community Affairs, Jessica advocates for marginalized students on campus as well as supporting the many communities of Kittitas County. The office of Equity and Community Affairs is comprised of a Community Programmer and an Executive Administrator. Jessica and her staff is dedicated to supporting the Equity and Services Council (ESC) organizations as they host educational and cultural programs, for students and the local community, that promote equity and inclusivity.

About the Equity and Service Council

The Equity and Services Council comprised of diverse organizations of marginalized students whose goal aligns with the ESC Constitution and By-Laws. Organizations of ESC maintain appreciation an understanding of diver social and cultural heritage. Amongst other tasks, Organizations participate in community service programs that are beneficial to the associated student bodies. For more information, please visit Equity and Services Council (ESC).


Office:  509-963-1697


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