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About Clubs and Organizations

The Vice President for Clubs and Organizations is a voting member of the Board; must serve 14 hours/week; handles recognition for student groups; acts as a liaison for clubs and organizations; chairs the Senate of Student Organizations; and acts as liaison to the sports council.             

Office:  509-963-1682
Cell:  509-306-0385

Office Hours:
M: 2:00-5:00 PM
T: 12:30-3:00 PM
W: By Appointment
Th: 12:30-3:00 PM


People to Know

Club Treasurer: LeeAnn Wheeler,

Club Events: Philip Rush,

Insurance Coordinator: Avery Pellett,

Director of Campus Life:  Bob Ford
Mr. Ford provides advising support for the Associated Students of Central Washington University Board of Directors (ASCWU-BOD) and supports each unit of Campus Life including the Student Union, University Recreation, Campus Activities, Publicity Center, Campus Radio, and the Student Life programs at each of our five University Centers located in Western Washington.  Mr. Ford can help you and your club with campus activity programming, leadership programs, and student advisement. He is located in SURC 263.

Associate Director of Campus Life & Director of Campus Activities: Scott Drummond
Mr. Drummond is a back up to Mr. Ford for all things Campus Life and is the advisor to the ASCWU Clubs and Organizations. He can help advise clubs on activities, events, management, preparation of events, policy interpretation, and risk management.  He can also help a club or organization program an event. He is a good resource for programming activities both on and off campus. Mr. Drummond is located in SURC 263.

University Recreation: Ryan Hopkins & Eric Scott      
University Recreation covers a wide variety of activities happening both on and off campus.  They have everything you need to create your recreation experience. Your club/organization can form teams to participate in any intramural leagues or tournaments, or even work with their staff to organize one. The Recreation staff is located in SURC 175 or you can call ext. 3510 to get connected with a staff member that can meet your needs.  University Recreation offers several great opportunities for your club/organization to get together and do something fun! 

SURC - Club Accounting: Sharon Jonassen, John Logwood and Shannon Martin
The amazing staff in SURC Accounting is available to answer any questions you might have regarding how to manage your club finances. They can answer questions regarding: Signatory Lists, Deposits, Cash Withdrawls, Cash Advances, Expense Forms, Motor Pool, Catering, Duplicating/Publishing, Check Requests, and Travel.   Contact SURC Accounting in SURC 263 or at 963-1328.