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Hard copy contracts are not issued for summer. Faculty will receive an appointment letter by email. Faculty may receive several appointment letters if they have more than one assignment.

The CBA establishes that ten workload units is full-time in the summer. Any assignments beyond ten workload units are considered an overload. Overloads are paid at the highest current adjunct rate for tenured and tenure-track professors. Overloads for adjunct faculty are paid at the same rate as their regular workload. The CBA also establishes a limit on overloads at 134% (15.3 workload units) of full-time. Overloads must be approved by the department chair and dean.

A course may be canceled if ten undergraduate or five graduate students or fewer are enrolled. The decision to cancel a course will be made by the dean in consultation with the faculty member and the department chair.

All faculty are subject to proration if enrollments do not reach the break-even point. Faculty will be afforded the opportunity to accept or reject proration in early June  (based on early enrollment). Final salaries are determined by enrollments from the third day of class. In the case of downward enrollment, the faculty member may decide to cancel the class with no penalty. Proration is determined in different ways depending on the type of assignment. Each assignment type is explained in the following sections:

  1. Single courses: Salaries will be prorated for any course if the enrollment is below the break-even point.
  2. Multiple courses taught by the same instructor: Each course is evaluated separately for proration.
  3. Undergraduate level individual studies/arranged courses: Salaries are calculated at 12 student credit hours (sch) = 1 wlu.
  4. Graduate level individual studies/arranged courses: Salaries are calculated at 6 sch = 1 wlu. (These courses are always prorated since they do not generate enough revenue to cover the cost.)
  5. Cooperative education internships (290, 390, 490): Salaries are calculated at 30 sch = 1 wlu.
  6. Master’s theses (700): Salaries are calculated at 3 sch = 1 wlu. (These courses are always prorated since they do not generate enough revenue to cover the cost.)
  7. Master’s Committees: Master’s thesis committee members other than committee chairs will be compensated in the summer if they take part in a defense during the summer and if the faculty member has not already listed the committee as part of their academic year workload. The salary for committee membership is based on 6 committee memberships = 1 wlu or 1/6 wlu per committee.
  8. Music Applied Lessons: All applied lessons are paid at the break-even point.
  9. Layered classes: Layered (400/500) classes, and any other classes with more than one course number that are taught at the same time in the same place, will be compensated as if they were one single class and the break-even point will be calculated as if they were one class.

Chair summer stipends & salary
Chairs on 10-month contracts or those who serve as chair only in the summer receive a $600 stipend for the summer session. In addition, these chairs receive a salary based on the total number of credit hours taught in the department during the summer session, excluding Individual Studies, Arranged Courses, Internships, Theses and Applied Lessons. The salary is calculated with the following table from the University Policy Manual, Section 5-110. FTE, in this case, is calculated by dividing the total credits by 10. FWU is equivalent to WLU.

Department Chair Salary Calculation
Summer Session FTEF Stipend PLUS Comparable Re-assigned Faculty Workload Units can be found at this site.

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