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Pursuing a Passion for Music- Singer-Songwriter-Student Creates First Album

Photo of Alison BancheroA CWU student has chosen to break the mold for her Senior Project. Alison Banchero, a music and DHC student, put both Senior Project requirements together to embark on one super project this year; to write and record an album of original music. With the advisement of Dr. Mark Samples from the music department, Alison has been working since fall on the project, which will be completed by the middle of spring quarter. This gigantic project meets the interdisciplinary requirements of the DHC by including many different facets of the musical realm such as writing music and recording, as well as consulting with professionals to create an outside platform release plan. It also meets Music BA requirements by including elements of recorded work (specifically singing).

Alison, who was writing music before she got to Central, intends to include this project in her portfolio as her culminating piece of professional collegiate work and artistic expression. Her musical style blends jazz, funk, blues, and pop into a uniquely intimate sound. Songs vary in their musical style from funky tunes with a full rhythm section and horns, to solo piano and voice. One song on the album, titled Crossroads, is a musical collaboration with another student in the department, Michael Powers.

“This project is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I got here. As far as I know it’s never been done before at CWU, but this is what the Music BA should enable one to do!” Allison explained, “I hope other music students can see this and feel empowered to pursue creative projects because art is important, it’s what reminds us that we are human.”

Media Contact: Kindra Martin, College of Arts and Humanities administrative assistant

Published: 2/19/2021

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