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Innovation in Leadership: Dean Hernandez Highlights Four New Programs

Image of a little plastic message board with the quote "Turn Ideas Into Reality."Courage can be contagious, and the faculty and staff in the College of Arts & Humanities courageously meet the diverse needs of students.  A component of our College of Arts & Humanities mission is to help cultivate ethical leadership. There are at least two components of that mission:  modeling ethical leadership for our students, and honing that model amidst our faculty and staff. This year, we’ve endeavored to directly, positively impact leadership development within our College faculty, staff, and student through four new programs:

- The CAH Student Ambassador Program. As the only College at CWU with a Student Ambassador program, CAH has been keen to revamp the program to meet the evolving needs of students. This year, we’ve done just this, and focused on engagement. The changes—that happened along with a pandemic—include virtual dialogues with future Wildcats and student Ambassadors, preparing student Ambassadors for reach out in our new Living Learning Community, and interacting directly with our alumni relations coordinator on projects that bridge the gap between our alumni and current CWU students. Our Ambassadors reflect a diversity of background experiences, future trajectories, and passions, and we’re excited to continue to develop future ethical leaders through the program.

- Intellectual Leadership.  New faculty at CWU are already faced with developing new coursework, building out a research program, and developing service activities. Finding a network of people who understand their new roles and who can help walk beside them during their transition can be difficult. The new Intellectual Leadership program brings new faculty in the College into dialogue with each other, and then pairs them with a senior mentor outside of their discipline. The cohort tackles issues ranging from the theoretical (i.e., how to communicate through difference) to the concrete (i.e., what to do in Ellensburg on the weekends), and the mentorship program ensures that new faculty do not have to seek out their own support network to thrive at Central.

- Education Administration (EdAd).  The EdAd program is a first-of-its-kind series of workshops designed specifically to address the needs and experiences of department chairs in the College. Our chairs range from newly-minted Associate Professors, to faculty who have been at the university for a quarter of century, yet they share challenges as leaders in the university. The EdAd program takes up concrete issues that chairs deal with, and brings in homegrown experts on how to tackle those issues efficiently and energetically.

- Leadership CAH (LCAH).  Leadership CAH is an executive leadership development program, whose membership is via nomination-only. In its first year, more than thirty candidates from across the university were vetted and ten chosen for the program. All the candidates (staff and faculty) work with CAH as an essential part of their job duties, and exhibit leadership potential. The cohort focuses on theoretical and concrete leadership development tools, personal leadership growth, and learning about different VP areas of the university. The capstone experience is a quarter-long mentoring experience with a university vice president or dean.

The leadership teams we are building are one-of-a-kind, sustain relationships that will have a lasting positive impact on our team, and create new opportunities to meet the diverse needs of students. Regardless of our station within the College, we have a shared goal to model excellence in new ways for our students, and we’re so excited that we have been able to learn and grow together. As we look to create opportunities for our students to flourish, we courageously look at where we can improve, and how we model ethical leadership for our Central community.

Thanks! -Jill


Media Contact: Kindra Martin, College of Arts and Humanities administrative assistant

Published: 4/19/2021


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