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CAH Chairs' Council

The CAH Chairs' Council includes all eight department chairs, the associate dean, administrative specialist, academic budget administrator, and development officer. On occasion, as determined by the dean, CAH interdisciplinary program directors may also be invited to participate. The Council meets regularly to advise the dean and associate dean, address administrative matters, develop policy, and discuss issues of importance to the College.

College Personnel Committee (CPC)

The CAH college personnel committee will follow the guidelines provided in CBA 22.5.2:  College personnel committees will be composed of at least three full professors, plus one full professor who shall serve as an alternate member, with no more than one member from each department. Members of department personnel committees and chairs are eligible to serve on the college personnel committee but will be replaced by the alternate member for purposes of the committee's consideration of any issue they reviewed as a member of the department personnel committee or department chair.

1. The members of the college personnel committee will be elected by the tenured faculty within the college.
2. The college personnel committee is responsible for evaluations relating to reappointments beginning in the fourth (4th) year, tenure, promotion and post-tenure review. The committee will provide a written recommendation to the dean.

The CAH CPC will include two full professors from the Humanities (Communication, English, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, and World Languages and Cultures) and two full professors from the Arts (Art and Design, Music, and Theatre Arts). CPC members will serve two-year terms except for the alternate who serves a one-year term.

Election of CPC members will occur in the fall term of the previous year.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Charge: identify at least three strategies that the college will use to promote diversity and inclusion that involve faculty, staff, and students this year.  Serve as an advisory group for the Dean when diversity and inclusion issues arise.
Membership consists of three CAH faculty members and one student.

Awards Committee

The CAH awards committee will include faculty and staff award winners from the previous year and representatives from all eight departments. The committee will review nominations for all CAH awards and make recommendations to the dean.

Budget Committee

The CAH Budget Advisory Committee at CWU is an advisory committee to the College Dean. The purpose of this committee is to develop, implement, and evaluate, integrated college-wide planning, budgeting and evaluation processes that support the College in the following ways:

• Provide a mechanism for input on the allocation of unit operating budgets.
• Increase transparency and college-wide involvement in the budgeting process.
• Provide a mechanism for adjusting budgets based on productivity and strategic plan priorities.
• Provide a mechanism for finding and implementing efficiencies within CAH.
• Communicate through its members, with the college community on fiscal issues, the committees work, and recommendations.

Membership on the committee shall consist of the following:

• Dean
• Associate Dean
• Academic Budget Administrator
• Faculty (4)
• Staff (2)
• Chair (1)
• Interdisciplinary Program Director (1)
• CAH Administrative Specialist (non-voting

Task Force and Ad Hoc Committees

Task Force and Ad Hoc Committees will be created at the dean's discretion.

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