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The College of Arts and Humanities empowers ethically minded students to reach their creative, intellectual, and leadership potential.

Recognized for our unwavering commitment to high-quality teaching and learning, the College of Arts and Humanities is at the heart of the success of Central Washington University. Our innovative and dynamic departments and programs challenge our students to build enduring skills for lifelong achievement through an emphasis on creative, analytical, and ethical thinking and communication. We provide personalized mentorship; an inclusive, diverse and cross-disciplinary curriculum; opportunities for research, creative activities and service outside the classroom; and participation in a lively and stimulating community. As our alumni can affirm, this rich educational environment provides the foundation for a rewarding personal life, a productive career, and a commitment to globally informed civic values.

Strategic Priorities

1. Create and support a culture of mentorship across the college
2. Support and promote strategic curricular growth and enhancement including interdisciplinary, international, multimodal, inclusive, and diverse programming
3. Increase support for and value of scholarship and creative expression
4. Improve visibility of CAH internally and externally
5. Better engage alumni

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