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Career Pathways

The BA, Liberal Studies, along with other programs within the College of Arts and Humanities, strives to prepare our students for placement in their preferred careers upon graduation.  To accomplish this, CAH is focusing on Career Pathways where a student can discover direct paths from educational disciplines to careers with the competitive advantage it represents in today’s uncertain and dynamic economy.

A degree in Liberal Arts has long been considered
the most adaptable, 
with humanitarian and societal studies that
prepare graduates to enter a wide variety of careers.”

- Dinesh Paliwal


Career Pathways are small groups of occupations within a career cluster. Occupations within a pathway share common skills, knowledge, and interests which often come from specific departments within the college.

The data referred to below is taken from an extensive survey of over 12,000 College of Arts and Humanities graduates.  The data provides valuable insight as to which department might be best suited for your personalized career path.

To discover which departments are preparing students for the specific pathway careers below, click on a link.


Artist, Freelance Artist, Graphic Design, Photographer, Sculptor, Web Designer, Scenic Painter
See Employers

Banking and Insurance

Adjustor, Agency Process Associate, Branch Manager, Claims Associate, Insurance Agent, Loan Officer, Personal Financial Representative
See Employers

Business Entrepreneur

CEO, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner
See Employers

Business Management

Account Manager, Business Analyst, Development Manager, Data Specialist, Marketing Director/Consultant, HR Associate, Recruiting & HR Manager
See Employers


Imagineer, Musician, Performer, Piano Teacher, Producer,  Stage Operations Supervisor, Stage Technician
See Employers


City Administrator, Civil Servant, County Clerk, Legislator, State Government
See Employers

Higher Education

Academic Advisor, Administrator, Professor
See Employers

Journalism and Broadcasting

Editor, Engineering Crew Chief, Journalist, News Anchor, Producer/Director, Publisher, TV News/Sports/Recreation Reporter,  Screen Writer, Videographer
See Employers

K-12 Education

Counselor, Librarian, Principal, Teacher, Teaching Aid
See Employers


Attorney, Deputy County Attorney, Legal Assistant, Public Defender
See Employers


Biotechnician, Case Manager, Paramedic, Physician Relations Liaison, Lab Technician, Medical Transcription, Radiologist, Therapist
See Employers


2nd Lieutenant, Civil Affairs Team Leader, Logistics Officer, Platoon Leader, Supply and Services Officer
See Employers


Associate Pastor, Minister, Missionary, Office Manager, Youth Pastor, Vicar
See Employers

Sales and Services

Assistant Chef, CSR, Floral Designer, Flight Attendant,  Landscaper/Gardener, Office Manager, Real Estate Broker, Sr. Sales Director, Server
See Employers


Fraud Analyst, Game Designer, Information Architect, Security Analyst, IT Project Coordinator, Software Engineer, Web Development
See Employers


"For some students, especially in the sciences,
the knowledge gained in college may be directly relevant to graduate study.

For almost all students, a liberal arts education works
in subtle ways to create a web of knowledge that will illumine
problems and enlighten judgment on innumerable occasions in later life."
- Derek Bok



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