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College of Arts and Humanities

Career Information for Art and Humanities Major

Are you wondering what you can do with your degree once you graduate? The following websites will help you to recognize that a degree in an arts or humanities discipline opens doors to many, many areas of the workplace. The sites will also help you to identify skills that you are learning in your major that are in high demand by numerous employers. Once you identify a career that sounds interesting, you might do an internship in that area to see if you really like the type of work it requires. Your faculty advisor and the Career Services Office can provide you with additional advice related to careers.

CWU Career Services

Information and Jobs by Major provided by CWU’s Career Services office.

The Riley Guide

The Riley Guide: Where to Search (Job Listings) in the Arts and Humanities.

What Can I Do With My Liberal Arts Degree?

Occupational Outlook Quarterly information on the value of liberal arts degrees.

Miami University's Career Guide for Liberal Arts Students

Good information on the skills employers want, and how the liberal arts provide those skills.


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