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Photo of Nancy Remax

Nancy Remak -  See more about Ms. Remak by clicking here


Seattle, WA

About: Nancy Remak considers herself a "professional volunteer" because she has spend most of her days volunteering in the community. Remak worked with seniors at a retirement home (since 1999) and is a lunch buddy at the local elementary school (since 1999). Nancy also serves on the community advisor board at EvergreenHealth (since 1990) as well as participate in events at this Kirkland hospital. She is on two advisory boards at the University of Washington (History Depatment since 2007) and the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance (since 2013). She is honored to be joining Central Washington University’s College of Arts and Humanities Advisory Board. Her husband, Ben, is a CWU grad, both feel very connected to the University.
Remak received by BA and MPA degrees from the UW. Since she majored in History and Political Science, she greatly value a liberal arts education. Nancy tries whenever possible to encourage students to recognize the skills gained from a liberal arts education including communication skills and critical thinking.
Mentoring students,as well as establishing scholarships, has been so rewarding to both her husband and Nancy. They have one daughter who is 26 years old. She has a degree in Journalism and works for a public relations firm working with non-profits (a great example of someone who has thrived with a liberal arts degree).



Photo of Daniel Roberts


Daniel Roberts -  See more about Mr. Roberts by clicking here


Manhasset Specialty Co., Yakima, WA – President and General Manager

About: Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1952, Daniel Roberts has primarily worked for manufacturing companies in general management, sales and marketing roles allowing him the to live in 11 states throughout his career. Roberts had the opportunity to get into the Music Industry in 2003, which was a thrill for him.
Daniel played a couple of instruments when he was in school and music has always been a passion. The Musical Instruments Industry has proven to be highly rewarding, personally and professionally. It is a delight to help to provide products for kids learning to play an instrument and for adults who continue to pursue their passion to make music.
In his career, Roberts has worked with several teams who accomplished some great things, but no more so than with Manhasset. The metamorphosis in the plant has been exciting to observe, converting the plant to new technology from equipment that had previously served the company for over fifty years. As a result, productivity and parts quality has reached a new high for this eighty-four year old manufacturing icon.



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