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Writing in the Streets, 11/21 Lecture by Adair Rounthwaite

The CWU Department of Art + Design will feature a lecture by Dr. Adair Rounthwaite on Thursday, November 21, at 4:00 p.m. in Randall Hall, Room 117. Dr. Rounthwaite is a specialist in contemporary art and Assistant Professor in Art History at the University of Washington. The topic of her lecture is “Writing in the Streets: Language and Experimental Art in 1970s Yugoslavia.”

Since the advent of Conceptualism, an art movement from the 1960s, artists in many different parts of the world have used language as an important part of their visual art practices. This lecture analyzes works by Mladen Stilinović and Vlado Martek, two young artists based in Zagreb, in Communist Yugoslavia, in the late 1970s. For Martek and Stilinović words and performances of reading and writing were central to art-making. In their practices, language was connected to questions about the relationship between aesthetics and politics, in a politically conservative decade following the failure of mass political protests in Yugoslavia.

Dr. Rounthwaite’s lecture is part of a series of programs engaging interdisciplinary topics within the visual arts and hosted by the CWU Department of Art + Design. Admission to the talk is free. Please visit our website at:

Media Contact: Heather Horn Johnson, 509-963-2665,

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