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Art + Design


  1. BA Art (75 credits)
  2. BFA Studio Arts (105 credits)
  3. BFA Graphic Design (107 credits)

The department offers three degrees: BA in Art, BFA in Studio Art, and BFA in Graphic Design. Our studio art areas include: Ceramics, Drawing, Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Wood Design.

First Year art students are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts major. There is a studio and graphic design track depending on your interest. Entrance into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program is by portfolio application during the Fall quarter of your junior year. 

The Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA, which requires 105 - 107 credits, provides more breadth and depth in art than the Bachelor of Arts or BA, which requires 75 credits. The BFA is considered the degree for professional preparation in the arts; however, the BA degree provides a solid art foundation for a career that may include the combination of another area of interest, major, minor and/or as preparation for graduate study in a related area. To discuss degree options, contact your advisor, an art faculty member, or the Department chair.

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