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A natural Obession

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Megan Hansen

Megan Hansen is a photographer from Denver, Colorado. She graduated with a BA in Film and Photography with a Minor in Art History from Montana State University in 2019. She is currently working towards an MFA at Central Washington University. Her work primarily focuses on conceptual portraiture and fine art photography. She cohabitates with a cat named Osiris.


Sam Enriquez

Sam is a visual artist who relocated from Florida to Washington. He holds a B.S. in Commercial Art, as well as a degree in Studio Art and Illustration. For the last decade, Sam has worked in the fields of custom tattooing, commissioned artwork (mostly portraits), and art education within the developmental disability’s community. Sam is currently working on his MFA in Painting at CWU, conducting visual research on the intersectionality of sexual orientation and Christianity. The broader scope of Sam’s artwork explores emotion, memory, and universal interconnectivity, often through the depiction of figures and locations.  Some of his pastimes include hiking, video games, snowboarding, indoor gardening, and reading physical books with paper pages.


Charlie Tadlock

Charlie Tadlock is a photographic artist from Seattle WA, with a BA in Photography from Montana State University. He is currently pursuing an MFA from Central Washington University. His conceptual interests lie in the American landscape as an object of consumption – and the documentation of the landscape physically as well as socio-politically. He is formally interested in photographs as objects, and the interaction between photography and other media.


Matthew Potter

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.