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Charlie Tadlock

Charlie Tadlock is a photographic artist from Seattle WA, with a BA in Photography from Montana State University. He is currently pursuing an MFA from Central Washington University. His conceptual interests lie in the American landscape as an object of consumption – and the documentation of the landscape physically as well as socio-politically. He is formally interested in photographs as objects, and the interaction between photography and other media.



Matthew Potter

Matthew Potter is a trained artist with a penchant for expressive abstracts yet renders sensitive and delicate portraits having an ability to skillfully reproduce accurate likenesses. While continually pushing boundaries developed in his other styles: abstraction, mixed media, and referential street art. He enjoys traditional and exploring experimental materials to use in his pieces. Matthew was born in the mid-Atlantic states, but moved all over including spending formative years living in Switzerland, before returning stateside.



Aidan Lancaster

Aidan Lancaster is a photographer from Tacoma, Washington. They graduated with a BA in Art with an emphasis in photography from Pacific Lutheran University in 2020. Aidan’s work focuses primarily on identity, with queer and trans identity at the forefront. They take both personal narrative and documentary focus on the subject as an exploration of both self and belonging in the LGBTQ+ community, highlighting both internal and external pressures or tensions; they work primarily in analog film and processing. Aidan is currently pursuing their MFA at Central Washington University.



Luke Heberer

Luke Heberer is a visual artist originally from Prescott, Arizona. He received his BFA in Photography, Video, and Imaging from the University of Arizona in 2020. He is currently pursuing his MFA at CWU's department of art and design as a first-year graduate assistant. Luke's work is mostly photo-based but includes installations and mixed media. His work conceptually centers around his personal research of familial ties and trauma. An emphasis is placed on Luke's introspection of generational mental health along with societal structures impacting how love is communicated within the household.

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