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CWU Recondo

CWU Recondo


RECONDO stands for Reconnaissance Commando, a title given to graduates of the elite Recondo School from the Vietnam War-era. Recondo troops would go on to lead long-range recon teams, as well as train fellow soldiers on the techniques, tactics and procedures they had learned. After the Vietnam War, Recondo schools continued to be maintained on different Army installations to train small unit leaders but were eventually phased out.

Today, Cadets from Central Washington University's Army and Air Force ROTC programs can attempt to complete a week-long series of tasks to wear a coveted badge, reminiscent of the elite leadership that was produced from these schools. The tasks are both physically demanding, as well as mentally, to ensure we challenge all aspects of our future Officers.


12 mile footmarch in 3 hours or less w/ 40lb ruck



290 or above on APFT



Summit Manastash in 50 minutes or less



Pass Combat Water Survival Test as a first time go



5 mile OCP run in 45 minutes or less



4/5 Points or More on Land Navigation practical test



3.0 Cumulative GPA



Climb Alpine Tower and Ranger Rope



No negative SPOT reports or disciplinary action




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