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Three Accepted into International Textile and Apparel Competition

Apparel students featured with their designs

Three CWU designers have had their entries accepted to the 2014 International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) competition, one of the most rigorous and prestigious design competitions in the world. Their works will be featured during a live fashion show on November 12 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The designers are Andrea Eklund, CWU professor and program coordinator of Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising; Ryanne Durfee, a senior in the program; and Krissy Knutz, a 2014 alumna.

“It’s very gratifying that two designs from students in our program were accepted—it’s extremely competitive,” said Eklund, who won the Sustainable Design Division in 2012. “It really shows the caliber of the design and workmanship that our students are achieving.”

The designs selected were: “Haunting Darkness,” by Eklund; “Walk the Line,” by Durfee and Eklund (this design was reviewed at the professional level); and “Marguerite,” by Knutz.

The CWU designers submitted abstracts with photos, which were reviewed by a double-blind jury, and evaluated and scored on exacting criteria, including quality of technique and innovation of design. The final awards will be determined on-site in Charlotte and will include inspection of the physical pieces as well as the written abstracts.

The ITAA accepted only 313 design submissions, and of those, only 105 were selected for the live gallery exhibit.

Eklund has 15 years of apparel industry experience and has been the program coordinator and professor of the Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising program for seven years.

Under Eklund’s leadership, the program has shown a 170 percent growth in enrollment and has a strong industry connection with the robust apparel industry in the Pacific Northwest, which has many apparel corporate headquarters located between Everett and Portland. Seattle is the seventh-largest apparel manufacturing center in the United States and the fourth largest in fashion design jobs.

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