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Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising

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Apparel Design Minor

A minor in apparel design is administered jointly by the apparel, textiles and merchandising department and theatre arts department. It is designed to enable students with career interests in this field to gain experience in the competency areas expected of apparel designers. This minor allows the student to learn to apply the basic principles of design and creativity in developing apparel. Students will study the application of artistic and creative design elements, selection, and use of fabrics and textiles, and the techniques for transforming design concepts into garments in order to create a final sale-able product for a target market.


Upon successful completion of this minor, the student will be able to:

  • Interpret design sketches and create patterns with accurate proportions by draping and/or flat pattern methods
  • Apply knowledge of design principles through designing a collection that is conceptual, cohesive and relative to an identified target market
  • Identify purpose and use of slopers for sample garments
  • Communicate design ideas through illustrations, using mixed media and technical flats
  • Identify past and current trends, research and create design and marketing solutions for a specific customer and market
  • Communicate concepts/information effectively through oral presentations
  • Utilize textile knowledge for proper selection of fabrics, trims etc for garments
  • Utilize industry standards for labeling patterns, marking notches, punching holes and marking seam allowances and finishes
  • Develop specification packets (spec packs) for garments denoting proper trims, fabric and construction

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