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Anthropology and Museum Studies

College of the Sciences


Anthropology explores what it means to be human at all times and in all places. Anthropologists study cultural and biological diversity as it reveals our human potential to adapt and change. Anthropology minors choose three introductory courses from archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and/or linguistics and three upper division courses in consultation with an advisor.

The Anthropology minor can  be completed online over two summers!  Also use online courses during the academic year if available.



Did you know you can complete an on-line Anthropology Minor in two Summer Sessions?


Anthropology and Museum Studies Summer 2020 on-line courses! 



Anth 130     Cultural Worlds (5) 6-wks.                                 Dr. Ghazali

Anth 352     Anth of Envir. Iss. (4) 6-wks.                             Dr. R. Rentería-Valencia

Anth 398     Muslim Communities of Africa (4) 6-wks       Dr. Ghazali


Anth 110    Exploring Biological Anth (5) Full.                   Dr. Mayhew

Anth 120    Science of the Past (5) Full.                             Dr. Hackenberger

Anth 180    Language and Culture (5) Full.                        Dr. Wang


We are also offering:

CRM Field School (hybrid 6-week, June 22-July 31, 2020)



           Anth 493      CRM Field Experience (6) 6-wks.                                      Dr. Terry          

          Anth 486      Adv Meth Archaeology (6) 6-wks.                                     Dr. Terry









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