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Anthropology and Museum Studies

College of the Sciences

Patrick Lubinski, Distinguished Teaching Award, 2017

Over nearly 17 years on the CWU faculty, Lubinski has taught 20 different general education to upper division, and master’s degree courses in anthropology and cultural, and environmental resource management. His teaching has been done in classroom lectures, online courses, and in the laboratory, and through field schools.

One colleague commented, “He wants the best for his students and the best from his students.”  As further recognition from his colleagues, he is often sought out by new faculty to serve as a teaching mentor.

Lubinski is also regarded as meticulous researcher, who has published peer-reviewed journal articles, technical reports, and presentations on his research. 

It was also noted that Lubinski “has helped shape the field of Cultural Resource Management in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere through his excellent teaching and the research opportunities that he shares with students.”

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