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Anthropology and Museum Studies

College of the Sciences


Anthropology Faculty

Photo of Dr. J. Hope Amason

J. Hope Amason, Associate Professor
Director Museum of Culture and Environment

Interests & Expertise: Political economy and globalization, politics of representation, race, class, and gender, museums, memorials, and heritage sites, tourism studies, Appalachia, US South



Marwa GhazaliMarwa Ghazali, Assistant Professor

Interests & Expertise: Critical medical anthropology; global health; political economy; violence; displacement; migration; embodiment; trauma; chronic conditions; Africa, Middle East, and US diasporas. 


Photo of Dr. Steve Hackenberger

Steve Hackenberger, Professor

Interests & Expertise: Cultural ecology, archaeology, cultural resource management, North America, Meso-America and Caribbean cultures




Nicole Jastremski, Assistant Professor
Director Forensic Certificate

Interests & Expertise: Biological anthropology, forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, mortuary analysis, paleopathology, taphonomy, identity formation, Ecuador




Photo of Dr. Lubinski

Patrick M. Lubinski, Professor

Interests & Expertise: Archaeology, zooarchaeology, methods, cultural resource management, western North America




Photo of Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Jessica A. Mayhew, Associate Professor
Director Primate Behavior & Ecology Program

Interests & Expertise: Biological anthropology, primate social behavior and socio-cognition, ethnoprimatology, the large-bodied apes, play behavior




Photo of Dr. Patrick McCutcheon

Patrick T. McCutcheon, Professor 
Co-Director Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

Interests & Expertise: Archaeology, evolutionary theoretical perspectives, fieldwork and laboratory methods, archaeometry, lithic analysis, cultural resource management, North American prehistory




Photo of Dr. Lene Pedersen

Lene Pedersen, Professor
Department Chair

Interests & Expertise: Cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, symbolic anthropology, ecological anthropology, ritual, social organization, post-colonialism, southeast Asia (Indonesia), circumpolar north, sub-saharan Africa, natural resource management


Photo of Dr. Rodrigo Renteria-Valencia

Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia, Assistant Professor

Interests & Expertise: Environmental anthropology, linguistic anthropology, semiotics, visual anthropology, ritual and performance theory, human geography, maritime anthropology, indigenous studies. Ethnographic Specialization: the greater Southwest (including northern Mexico)




Photo of Dr. Lori Sheeran

Lori K. Sheeran, Professor

Interests & Expertise: Biological anthropology, primates of Asia, primate conservation, primate social behavior



Photo of Dr. Penglin Wang

Penglin Wang, Professor

Interests & Expertise: Linguistic anthropology, linguistics, cognitive anthropology, cultural anthropology, Asian studies, Central Eurasia, China





Photo of Dr. Kathleen Barlow

Kathleen Barlow, Ph.D.

Interests & Expertise: Learning and culture, childhood, psychological anthropology, museum anthropology, symbolism, gender, art and aesthetics, material culture, regional ethnography, Melanesia, Oceania, United States


Photo of Kristen Drury, M.S.

Kristen Drury, M.S.

Interests & Expertise: Forensic science, firearm and tool mark analysis, latent fingerprint comparison and analysis, crime scene reconstruction, shooting reconstruction, gunshot residue analysis, serial number restoration, microscopy, research and teaching



Photo of Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold

Mary Lee Jensvold, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Interests & Expertise: Chimpanzee sign language studies, ape behavior, communication, culture, chimpanzee care & enrichment, non-verbal behavior




  Timothy McHale, Ph.D

Interests & Expertise:  Biocultural perspectives on the evolution of human behavior and physiology; evolution of middle childhood; behavioral endocrinology; life history theory; evolutionary psychology; evolution of human sexuality; sports physiology; competition; Hong Kong children

  Photo of JB Mulcahy, M.S.

J.B. Mulcahy, M.S.

Interests & Expertise: Captive primate welfare, environmental enrichment, chimpanzee behavior (see Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest)

Photo of Dr. Isabelle Sarton-Miller

Isabella Sarton Miller, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Interests & Expertise: Bio-cultural anthropology, adaptation to extreme environments: High altitude (Altiplano of Bolivia), cold (Northern territories, Canada, Alaska), hot and humid (Saint Kitts)



Photo of Dr. Karisa Terry

Karisa Terry, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Interests & Expertise: Update coming soon!




Photo of Dr. John Alsoszatai-Petheo

John Alsoszatai-Petheo

In Memoriam 1949-2019




Photo of Dr. Tracy Andrews

Tracy J. Andrews (

Interests & Expertise: Sociocultural anthropology, Native Americans, ecological and natural resource anthropology, medical anthropology, political ecology, gender, minority and international health issues, ethnicity, identity, and cultural dynamics




Photo of Dr. Loran Cutsinger

Loran E. Cutsinger (

Interests & Expertise: Economic/ecological anthropology, gender studies, cultural anthropology, Caribbean/Latin America, US, Russia, Middle East, Native Americans of the Northern Rockies



Photo of Dr. Anne Denman

Anne S. Denman 

In Memorium 1938-2020



Raymond Hall photograph

Raymond A. Hall

In Memoriam 1949-2018




Photo of Dr. William Smith

William C. Smith (

Interests & Expertise: Archaeology, world Prehistory, museum studies, collections management, and computer applications


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