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The Central Washington University Student Alumni Association (SAA) was founded to bridge the gap between today’s wildcats and CWU's dedicated alumni. As an organization the SAA encourages students to become involved in programs that celebrate the spirit and tradition of the institution. SAA aims to enhance the student experience through philanthropic education, community engagement and student life activities, while strengthening the bond to Central Washington University. Get involved today!

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Once you have joined, please let us know your T-shirt size (PDF).

Benefits include:

  • Executive Board Positions

    SAA Board Opportunities

    As a member of the CWU Student Alumni Association, you have the power to help drive initiatives to strengthen our presence on campus to best support our fellow Wildcats while bringing fun and innovative events and programs to life. Our executive board is comprised of six members that govern our club members and keep our club in good standing with the university.

    SAA Executive Board Application of Interest can be found here!

    SAA President:

    Responsibilities: Chair of the SAA, official spokesperson, ex-officio student representative on the Central Washington University Alumni Association Board. Lead coordinator for all events, public meetings, and committee meetings as well as ensuring that all documents are easily accessible, and handling correspondence with external entities. Serve as a liaison and represent SAA at the Alumni Board of Directors meetings (quarterly).

    SAA Executive Vice President:

    Responsibilities: Reporting minutes at SAA Executive Board meetings and supporting President wherever necessary. Work with club senate representative and act as a backup to attend club senate meetings and keep SAA in good standing.

    SAA Secretary:

    Responsibilities: Recording minutes and maintaining a record of attendance at all meetings, responsible for event reservations, and maintaining accurate membership records. Works with Director of Publicity to help with posting on social media platforms.

    SAA Treasurer:

    Responsibilities: Supervising and regulating the budget, maintaining permanent records of revenues, expenditures and transactions, work closely with the advisor to manage funds provided by the university.

    SAA Director of Publicity:

    Responsibilities: Handle all SAA communications via social media, email and advertising. Ensures SAA website is up to date at all times.

    SAA Senator:

    Responsibilities: Attend all senate club meetings to keep SAA in good standing.

2016 SAA T-Shirt

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Original (Black)

2017 SAA T-Shirt

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Student Designed (White)

2018 SAA T-Shirt

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Alumni Designed (Gray)

We are always working on new ways to add value to your membership. Please contact us with questions or suggestions at or by calling 509-963-2160.

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