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Recent Graduate Survey Interactive Webpage

Your voice has been heard Wildcats! Over 900 Central alumni from the 2004-2014 classes responded to our Recent Graduate Engagement and Philanthropy Assessment. We appreciate your support in helping us shape the direction of future engagement and philanthropy programs. This webpage provides an overview of the feedback you provided us and it gives you an opportunity to provide us with specific suggestions for how we can improve your alumni experience.

Survey Results:

An overview of results from the survey is listed below. If you are interested in viewing the raw data from the survey, please contact Bryan Elliott at or 509-963-2764.

Demographics & Satisfaction

  • The graduates of the class of 2014 had the highest percentage of completed surveys with 14% of the total respondents. The classes of 2004-2006 had the three lowest response rates. This indicates that it is more difficult to engage with recent alumni the longer it has been since their graduation.
  • 80% of respondents graduated from Central’s Main Campus, which is marginally higher than an institutional average of 73% from the Main Campus.
  • The majority of our alums (52%) lived in Western Washington, 31% lived in Central or Eastern Washington and 17% lived outside of the state.
  • Recent graduates were concerned that they did not feel there was much value to participating in alumni events and activities (38%) and that they were being asked to donate too frequently (38%) Additionally, respondents sought consistency and continuity in communications from Alumni Relations staff.

Engagement & Membership

  • 84% of recent graduates say they have never attended an alumni event. The biggest reason being that the events do not take place where our recent graduates live (44%) Additionally, alumni indicated that some of the events being offered weren’t of particular interest to them (35%)
  • Recent graduates want to engage more in alumni activities that are interesting and are beneficial to them. 57% wanted career workshops and 46% said they would be interested in a mentorship program. A  speaker series rounded out the top three with 34%.
  • The most desired benefits are those that offer real value to our recent graduates: discount programs for travel (65%), at the CWU bookstore (64%), and local businesses (43%) One sought after benefit that Central already offers its alumni, but is not well advertised, is continued access to Career Services.
  • The majority of recent graduates (57%) said they would be willing to pay an annual membership fee to be a part of the Alumni Association. 31% would opt for an a la carte membership where they would pay for benefits and services they use, and 12% said they would not pay for membership.
  • 19% indicated they would be interested in volunteering as an Alumni Association Board Member, Regional Volunteer, or at an event.


  • 19% of survey respondents have given to Central at least once. This is over four times the average donor rate for recent graduates of 4.3%.
  • The biggest reason that recent graduates are hesitant to give more is because of financial limitations such as finding employment or paying off student loans (69%)
  • Recent graduates felt that regardless of which method used to generate philanthropy, transparency about why the gift was needed, and where it was going to be used is very important.
  • Recent graduates identified scholarships and specific affinity programs as the most valuable areas for philanthropic support.
  • Responses showed that 43% did not know that donations were tax deductible, indicating that Central could do a better job of explaining the importance and the benefits of giving.

Take the Next Step!

Our recent graduates have told us that they want to add value to their alumni membership and participate in meaningful events that benefit them. We agree! But we need your help to do it. If you have a specific event suggestion or benefit idea please fill out the form below giving as much detail as possible. Alumni Relations staff will read your suggestions and explore whether we can turn your suggestion into a reality.


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Fill out this form to volunteer as an Alumni Association Board Member, Regional Volunteer, or at an Alumni Event.


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