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CWU Professor Inspires Alumnus to Give Back

Professors are defined as teachers of the highest ranking at a college or university. But sometimes it isn’t about what they teach students, but the different ways they inspire them.  
Sid Andrews, like many other recent high school graduates, had a lot to take into consideration when deciding what his next step in life would be. As a young adult who was considering continuing his education, price and proximity to his location were key factors to his decision in which college to choose. 
These factors ultimately led him to attend Central Washington University at the Lynnwood satellite campus where he began pursuing degrees in business administration and accounting. 
At the time, Allen Vautier was an accounting professor at Central Washington University’s Lynnwood campus and had Andrews as a student.  
“The entire program was basically under the grip of this one man, Allen Vautier,” said Andrews. “I always marveled at him because he was young, an attorney, and a CPA and there he was, teaching college at Edmonds Community College.” 
Throughout Andrews time as a student, he tried to be slick to make his way through Vautier’s classes, but Andrews says that strategy didn’t work on the seasoned professor.  
“I remember many times sitting in his office arguing about the answers to a question that he had marked wrong on my test, but I had an argument to say it was right,” said Andrews. “He pretty much shot me down at the beginning, but my arguments started to get more and more sophisticated because I was learning, and he begrudgingly began to let me win a couple of them.” 
Andrews graduated from Central in 1982 in business administration and accounting and in the back of his mind, always knew that he wanted to give back to Central in Vautier’s name. 
This thought became a reality when Andrews made a gift to the CWU Foundation totaling over $500,000 to create the Allen Vautier Endowed Accounting Scholarship, which will support students majoring in accounting at CWU Lynnwood.  
It was the lessons that Andrews learned through his classes and interactions with Vautier that started him on a path to becoming the successful businessman he is today. While Andrews remembers Vautier requiring a lot, Andrews says that he got even more out of it.  
“He taught me a lot of things that went beyond my education,” said Andrews. “He was a tremendous teacher and a tremendous mentor, and I am sure that my gift is probably less than he has saved me over the course of my career with the education that he provided me.” 
Though professor Vautier recently passed away, his legacy is sure to live on at CWU thanks to the generous support of Mr. Andrews. 

February 04, 2020

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