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Air Force ROTC

College of Education and Professional Studies

Nineteen Complete Field Training

In the searing humid heat of the Alabama summer, at Maxwell Air Force Base, a gathering of approx 2,000 Air Force ROTC cadets from all across the United States embarked on a grueling 4 weeks of being tested mentally, physically and emotionally.  The high stress environment and long 18 hour days can prove to be a challenge to most cadets. To complete Field Training means you’ve crossed a significant milestone in becoming an officer in the US Air Force. 

Detachment 895 Air Force ROTC at CWU recently sent their highest number of cadets to Field Training and 19 finished the program successfully.  “During the four years since I’ve been here at CWU, we’ve  never had this many complete the training.  This is a good problem to have.  I believe the quality of cadets has improved and we’re going to see more and more finish the program and become second lieutenants” said Major Wilson, the Recruiting Flight Commander.

When asked what the experience was like, several cadets have made the comment, “That was the most fun I never want to have again.”

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