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Air Force ROTC

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The IG is Coming!

Any military person will recognize the letters IG (Inspector General) and some will flinch and some will simply say ”Bring it!”  The Inspector General has the task of ensuring all units are complying with established guidance and regulations.  This act can be dreadful to some and motivating to others.  “It boils down to whether or not you know the rules, you are obeying the rules and whether you exceed the rules by having a dynamic program” stated Major Wilson, Director of Operations.  The team will be at the detachment from 10-11 October.  During this time they will examine cadet records, finances, recruiting and possibly 80 other programs that the staff is responsible for.  “We’re excited that they are coming and we hope to impress their team with our past accomplishments” says Lt Col Densley, Det 895 Commander.

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