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Detachment 895 Tried Their Luck At Intramual Sports

This Spring, Detachment 895 decided to try its luck at intramural sports. Our very own AFROTC cadets led by Cadet First Lieutenant Vyacheslav Ulanovskiy created an Air Force ROTC Volleyball Team named “The Spike Eagles.” According to Cadet Ulanovskiy, as of April 25th the Spike Eagles have a record of 2-2; which puts them in position to potentially make the playoffs. When asked why he thinks joining an Intramural Volleyball Team can be important to an Air Force ROTC cadet he replied with, “It is a great sport to build teamwork, trust, and communication. It is a team sport and we learn something about ourselves every single game we play.” Cadet Ulanovskiy went on to say that after the last game they played it was apparent that individual and team skills improved, and although they lost their last game, it was a close one. Playing Intramural Volleyball gives the cadets a chance to kick back and have some fun together by playing and practicing.

The Strike Eagles are also causing a splash around campus with their Intramural Softball skills. Led by Cadet Second Lieutenant Rhees, this team is undefeated with a record of 3-0. Quite an impressive record, but not as impressive as the team dynamics that go into inner workings of the group. Cadet Rhees was quoted saying “the whole team really works well together, we all realize it’s a team sport and are always helping each other out.”

The Spike Eagles and the Strike Eagles let students around campus see our cadets working together and may spark some interest in our program. The Spike Eagles play Mondays and Wednesdays from 2045 to 2130 and the Strike Eagles play Sundays at 1300 or 1400.

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