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Air Force ROTC

College of Education and Professional Studies

Air Force & Army ROTC Programs Held Annual Flag Football Game

Central Washington University's Air Force and Army ROTC held their Annual Flag Football Game outside of Nicholson Pavilion on 8 November 2013.

It was a frigid Fall afternoon; but spirits remained high.  Both teams displayed incredible teamwork and talent as they captured every yard/touchdown/field goal.

The last half of the game was especially intense!  The Air Force Team was passing the ball well and consistently scoring.  Army was also making their presence known.  Each team played exceptionally well!

However, both teams were getting extremely tired and cold by the end of fourth quarter.  Yet, Army's offense seemed to gain some momentum keeping Air Force's defense at bay.  Then suddenly, Air Force got their second wind.  They caught several interceptions and gained control of the game.  The crowd went wild as the two rivals fought for crucial yardage.  What a game?!  Final Score:  Air Force 33 - Army 26.  Air Power!!

Both teams immediately lined up to congratulate one another for playing an awesome flag football game.  Later, they posed for a group photo to commemorate this great tradition.

For more details--contact Kendra Sterkel at (509) 963-2314.

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