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African Black Studies Minor


The Africana and Black Studies (ABS) Program is dedicated to preparing global citizens equipped with intersectional, interdisciplinary, and transnational perspectives that foster a sense of social consciousness, responsibility, and justice. The ABS program supports CWU’s diversity and inclusivity strategic goals.

ABS seeks to: (1) facilitate students’ understanding of marginalized peoples; (2) prepare students to lead and work in a diverse society and global market place; (3) foster students’ cultural enrichment to promote their development of cultural competence and  understanding of the dynamics of U.S. and global political, social, and economic systems; and (4) challenge students to examine their assumptions about race, gender, class, sexuality, and the human experience.

Revised Africana and Black Studies Program

Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
ABS 110 Expressive Black Culture: African American Literary Traditions from Folklore to Rap 5
ABS 210 Intro to the African American Odyssey: Socio-Economic and Political Forces Shaping Black Experience 


  Subtotal 10

Department-Approved Elective Credits: 14-15 credits

Course Number Course Title Credits
ABS 300 Black Diaspora Studies: Afro-Latin America and Afro-Caribbean Cultures 5
ABS 301 Contemporary Movements and Migrations in the African Diaspora  5
ABS 302 Hip-Hop as Global Culture 5
ABS 309 Race and Sports: Freedom, Power, and Difference 4

ABS 336 or ENG 336

Race and Literature  5
ABS 385 or TH 385 Race and Performance  5
ABS 399 ABS Seminar 3-5
ANTH 130 Cultural Worlds  5
ANTH 137  Race, Power and the American Dream 5
ENG 330 African American Literature  5
ETS 325 Race/Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Education  5
ETS 354  Minority Experiences 5
HIST 330 Africa to 1800 5
HIST 331 Colonial Africa  5
HIST 332 History of the Black Diaspora  5
HIST 334 History of Gender and Sexuality in Africa from Pre-colonial Times to the Present 5
LAJ 402 African Americans and the Constitution  4
POSC 365 African Politics  5
SOC 386 Seminar on Racism 5
  Subtotal 14-15

Total Credits: 24-25

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