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Advanced Programs

Pro-Cert - Administrator Professional Certification

Central Washington University is now offering an Administrator Professional Certification for those who hold a Residency Principal or Program Administrator Certificate and wish to have it renewed. Candidates enroll in the Pro-Cert after two to three years of administrative experience as principal / vice principal or program administrator.

General Information:

All Professional Certificate programs include the following three phases (OSPI).

Phase I

1. Entry Seminar: Candidates are provided an orientation to the process and to the benchmarks; self-evaluation using the Profile of Leadership Effectiveness (POLE) 360 and other data; development of Professional Growth Plan.

Phase II

2. Professional Growth Plan Implementation:  Candidate gathers evidence on the benchmarks and develops capacity in the major areas of focus; may implement new strategies and participate in a variety of professional development activities.

Phase III

3. Panel Presentation: The Candidate presents evidence to a panel including practicing administrators.

“In fulfillment of the Professional Growth process and development of candidate’s portfolio of evidence, he/she will present a product that exemplifies the impact of their professional practice on student learning” to a panel of educators.


CWU Required Courses
Phase I - EDAD 570 - Entry Seminar2
Phase II - EDAD 570 - Professional Growth Plan2
Phase III - EDAD 570 - Panel Presentation2
Total Credits:


Integrated Products:

The demonstration of the standards will be highly contextual. That said there are leadership priorities that are common regardless of situational differences. Therefore, candidates will complete integrated products to demonstrate their effectiveness as school leaders. These integrated products provide a consistent structure and emphasis for all candidates. These products include:

  1. The Administrator as Advocate for Student Learning
  2. The Administrator as Communicator and Change Agent
  3. The Administrator as a Leader in Building Community
  4. The Administrator as Manager of the Organization

Please check the link below to review the Integrated Products.