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Accessibility Studies

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Every Career is an Accessible Career 

Accessibility Studies add practical depth to all pre-professional degrees. 

"This area of study adds value to our graduates and those already working in the field."

- Staci Sleigh-Layman, CWU human resources executive director

All CWU programs can benefit from studies in accessibility, especially Business Administration; Human Resource Management; Supply Chain Management; Marketing; Public Policy; Non-Profit Organization Management; Public Health; Social Services; Safety and Health Management; Recreation & Tourism; Family & Child Life; Web Design & Management; Physical Rehabilitation Therapy; Paramedicine; Emergency Medical Technician; Communication; Graphic Design; Professional & Creative Writing; American Sign Language; Theatre Art Design & Production; Museum Studies; Anthropology; Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences; Applied Computer Science; Law & Justice; Psychology; Library Information Science; Instructional Foundations. The new Technical Writing degree includes ASP 435 Accessible Information Design.

Currently, several programs strongly recommend the ASP minor to complement the major and others advise their students to take Accessibility Studies courses as electives:

  • Sports Management
  • Museum Studies
  • Family and Child LIfe
  • Interdisciplinary Social Science
  • Sociology
  • Deaf & Sign Language Studies
  • Professional & Creative Writing


So far, students in the following majors have chosen Accessibility Studies courses:

  • Geology
  • Health and Safety
  • Family & Child Life
  • Special Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Interdisciplinary Social Science
  • Anthropology



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