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Accessibility Studies

Kudos to CWU Facilities for Restriping ADA Parking Spaces

Instructor Lynn Swedberg presenting the new and improved parking lot striping after her students identified the non-ADA features of the old striping.The Accessibility Studies Program would like to commend the Facilities Department for utilizing the parking lot restriping project this summer to update the ADA parking spaces behind Black Hall. The spaces had been marked as accessible but were without the necessary access aisles between spaces for unloading and transferring to mobility devices such as wheelchairs.  Painters also added a third ADA space closer to the building which helps people who have limited endurance for walking distances. 

Photo of ADA-compliant parking spaces near Black Hall across Chestnut St.

ASP students learn the skills to complete ADA site audits in ASP 325/525 Universal Design and may have already noticed areas in your buildings and parking lots that could be easily updated and improved to enhance accessibility.  This course is offered in Winter 2023 and again in Summer and Fall.  Please contact for more information about the Accessibility Studies Program.

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