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Accessibility Studies

Examples of ASP Capstone Projects

Examples of Accessibility Studies Program Capstone Projects

Beginning the Journey with the Help of Access Services  - Nineth Alvarez Lopez  

School District Accessibility for Children with Disabilities and their Immigrant Families - James Richmond  

The Evacuation of Minor-aged Students with Mobility Impairments in Multistory School Buildings  - Chelsea Rivas         

Beginning the Journey: Special Education Transitioning in Kittitas County - Kayla Nancarrow 

Accessibility in City Parks - Jazmin Quinones 

International Disabled Adoptees Path to Higher Education - Kaily Baulaureier

Identifying Roadblocks to the Hiring of People with Exceptionalities - Alex Cheesman

How to Look Disabled Enough: An Exploration of Stigma and Invisible Disabilities - Kenny Dalton

Accessible Design on Mobile Apps for Elders - Han Jiang

Finding Employment Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disabilities - Michael Riggin

The Evacuation of Minor-aged Students with Mobility Impairments in Multistory School Buildings  - Chelsea Rivas         

Deafness Accommodation in a Museum - Caryn Boehm   

The Experience of Living with an Adult Child with Autism and Mental Illness - Anna Cairns   

"A Missing Piece”, a Book about the Disorder of Agenesis and the Corpus Callosum - Katheryn Clark 

Lesson Plans to Teach Elementary Students about Accessibility - Emma Cottle   

School District Classified Staff and Awareness of Disabilities - Laura Evans   

Curriculum for Disability Awareness: Reducing the Stigma of Disability though Education - Brittney Lautenslager   

Accessibility at White River Ampitheatre - Meredith Lanthorn 

An Expanding Workforce and Promoting Inclusion  - Luca Straka    

Comparison of Chinese and American Elementary Schools - Ashley VanHorn   

Accessibility with CWU Engagement Opportunities - Annie Young  

Employer Support for Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life - Sarah Bluher

Transitioning to College with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Robert Bolger

Do Medicare- and Medicaid-Issue Wheelchairs Contribute to Keeping People Homebound? - Angela Congdon

Recursos y Entendimiento a la Discapacidad (Resources and Understanding of Disability) - Stephanie Lopez

The Extent Deafness is Mentioned in Elementary Education Courses at Central Washington University -Megan Marshall

Effects of the Pandemic on Services Provided to Quinault Nation Elders  - Kristeen Mowitch

The Accessibility of Kittitas Valley Math Circles Lessons-Sam Wilson

Accessibility Awareness in CWU’s Dietetic Curriculum.  – Nicole Gibson

Accessibility Universal Design for Learning Training for Faculty using the Canvas Learning Management System - Bridget Irish    

How Academic Libraries Can Improve Accessibility for Employees with Invisible Disabilities - Tasha Robertson

The Gender Bias in Diagnosing ADHD and Lasting Impacts It Has Had Upon the Lives of Women -Sara Cannarella

Current Social Media Pages focused on ADHD Awareness - Alexa Stewart

How Invisible Disabilities Affect College Student Participation in School-Sponsored Events - Ellie Chaffin

The Accessibility of the Sequim McDonald’s PlayPlace - Annie Guthrie

Accessible Design in Water Parks - Patience Pruitt

Accessibility in Daycares - Teresa Olarte

Open Up a World of Possibilities for Your Deaf Child Through ASL Immersion - Kate Anderson

Changing How Music is Viewed with Subtitles and ASL Interpreters - Samantha Stevens

The Accessibility of Drive-Thru Restaurants for People with Visual and Communicative Disabilities - Toby Gordon

Are Future High School Coaches Adequately Prepared to Involve Students with Disabilities? - Trevor Barger

StrongMind: A Program to Alleviate Engagement Problems of Remote Learning in a Challenging High School - Alyssa Howard

The Accessibility of Pandemic-era Communication from a School District Before-and-After School Care Program - Laura Korsgaard


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