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Accessibility Studies

The ASP Team

Program Lead

Naomi Jeffery Petersen, PhD
CSEL Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

Naomi Petersen, Maria Watters, Josh Welsh (ASP Faculty 2017)

Steering Committee

Several ad hoc steering committee meetings involved many people across the campus of Central Washington University as the programs were designed and curriculum developed. Below are brief profiles of many of them, some of whom will also serve as faculty. The official steering committee will include people teaching the courses and providing project contexts.

Steering Committee (as of Winter 2017)


ContactASP Focus

Naomi Petersen

Program Lead
ASP 305 Instructor

Josh WelshEnglish

ASP 435 Instructor

Wendy Holden

Disability Services

ASP 365 Instructor

Maria Watters

Central Access

ASP 325 Instructor

Maureen Rust

Brooks Library

Resources & Documents
Windie CastilloEDLT

Special Education Transition
Becky Pearson
Health Sciences

Public Health

Stacy Sleigh-Layman
Human ResourcesStaci.Sleigh-Layman@cwu.eduCareer Resources
 Eric CheneySociologyEric.Cheney@cwu.eduSocial Work
Barbara MasbergFamily & Consumer ScienceMasbergb@cwu.eduRecreation, Tourism & Events 


Accessibility Studies Community Advisory Council

The first council will meet in Spring 2017. This group will include representatives from different academic disciplines on campus, different support services, and different professions. Their purpose is to review the program as it is designed and implemented in order to provide advice regarding the knowledge base and practical applications of the curriculum. This group will include an advocacy role of promoting the integration of accessibility literacy in all careers and lifestyles. Those interested in serving on the council or recommendations of people who would enrich the council should contact Dr. Naomi Petersen.

Meet Some People in Accessibility Studies

Naomi Jeffery Petersen (“NJP”) is a professor in the Department of Curriculum, Supervision, and Educational Leadership. She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University (BA/Ed), Chapman University (MA/Counseling Psychology), and Seattle Pacific University (EdD/Curriculum) where her dissertation was a psychometric investigation of teacher beliefs.  As a teacher educator, her instruction and consultation work have been in assessment and professional dispositions. The interpretive panels she designed for the Washington State History Museum demonstrate her longstanding interest in informal learning environments, including an emphasis on STEM, arts, and literacy integration. She has published on a range of topics involving systemic issues, including public health, watersheds, railroad and military histories, and accessibility. NJP is the originator of the Accessibility Studies Programs and teaches most of its classes. She is the primary contact person for all aspects of ASP.

Joshua Welsh is an assistant professor in the English department at Central Washington University. He researches and writes about rhetoric and technology, with special interests in intellectual property, open-source software, user experience, accessibility, and online technical writing pedagogy. He earned an MS (2009) and a PhD (2013) from the University of Minnesota. His current projects include investigating the rhetoric of the so-called “smart phone patent wars” as well as working to develop a pedagogy and practice to connect the teaching of technical writing with open-source software communities and projects. He is a member of the ASP Steering Committee and teaches ASP 435 Accessible Information Design, a five-credit course.

Wendy Holden is the director of Disability Services at Central Washington University. Her responsibilities include oversight of Central Access, the accessible material production lab. Wendy was part of the team responsible for the creation of the Central Access Reader, the Central Access Toolbar and other accessibility resources. She has been instrumental in the development of the Accessibility Studies programs and continues on the Steering Committee and as a curriculum advisor.

Maria Watters completed her masters in Rehabilitation Counseling at Utah State University in 2010 and is currently pursuing her PhD in Disability Disciplines-Rehabilitation Counseling. Maria has gained experience working with individuals with disabilities across a variety of contexts and has developed a passion for helping others find autonomy and independence in their lives. Maria works as the Central Access Administrator in Disability Services at Central Washington University where she is responsible for overseeing the production of accessibly materials for students across the country. Maria teaches ASP 325 Universal Design as well as other courses in Accessibility Studies.

Rebecca Pearson currently chairs the Health Sciences Department at Central Washington University, and is associate professor in the Public Health program. Her research interests include critical literacy as a factor in individual and societal decision making, as well as the impact of the information environment on public health and related policy. A particular emphasis in her teaching is to assist students in understanding the connections between personal and societal values and social policy, especially as related to preventable population health issues. She has developed several new courses, including courses in advocacy, consumer health, and the politics of food and health. She has mentored students in research opportunities resulting from course projects. These efforts have led to several student presentations and a publication. Her doctorate is in health science, from University of Arkansas, and her Master of Public Health is from New Mexico State University. Becky advises the steering committee on practical implications of policy related to accessible and equitable wellness and independent living.

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