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Accessibility Studies

ASP at SOURCE 2020

SOURCE is the Symposium of University Research and Creative Expression. The Accessibility Studies Program includes a capstone project applying the knowledge base of accessibility to real world problems. As the director of this program, I'm proud to announce that two ASP students sharing their investigations in this unprecedented online format.

  • Online Inclusivity-the new normal or a passing trend (page 20) Angela Kyle  is presenting on the very experience many of you are having; the online environment, but in particular how this is related to being a student with disabilities and also for transfer and nontraditional students. 
  • Risks, Fears, and Misconceptions: How Supplemental Security Insurance Traps People in Poverty (page 21) Katie Chiles created a poster to explain the challenges for people trying to achieve financial independence after having received government help. 

Here is the program: the presentations are asynchronous so you can view them any time May 18-24.

Access the virtual event page here (Links to an external site.). The password for the campus community, which will be active Monday, May 18th, is CWUCrimson

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