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Accessibility Studies

Accessibility Studies Programs Application

Welcome to the Accessibility Studies Program! Please complete this online applicatioin so we can begin helping you plan when to take your courses. If you have difficulty registering for the first course ASP 305, please contact Dr. Petersen at

If you do not have a CWU email, please contact the Registrar (link) to register with the university and get a student ID number.

Course of Study



Select the quarters in which you plan to complete the following courses. This is making sure you know when the courses are offered and to fit them into your graduation plan. 

It's just a prediction. We will talk about your options when we meet.

For right now, estimate when you would want to work on your capstone. Please note that most people take more than one quarter to work on it, so identify when you want to START.

For a minor, choose 5 or more elective credits, for example

  • ASP 490 Internship (arranged individually in nearly any work environment) 1-10 credits.
  • ASP 184 First Year Experience (part of General Education) 4 credits.
  • ASP 498 Media Portrayals of Disability (offered in summer) 5 credits.

You can also propose other course(s) involving some accessibility issue. (Please indicate [Department Number Course Title and Credits])

If you are not sure, say so and we can discuss this when we meet for your first advising conference.

Are you interested in arranging an internship? This is optional. It can be used as an elective or simply added to your program. It is variable credit (1-12) and can be repeated. Each credit represents approximately 40 hours of field experience, which can coincide with your work or other activities. What you enter here just indicates your interest, which we will discuss in person.

Thank you for completing the application form. Once this form is processed you will be allowed to register for the courses if you have registered with CWU and gotten a student ID. If you are not an undergraduate student, please contact the Registrar here to be registered as a non-matriculated student.

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