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Accessibility Studies

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It is normal to have varying degrees of ability, but sometimes it results in exclusion from normal activities. ASP raises awareness of the experiences of people with disability as well as the legal rights and moral obligation to remove barriers and increase acceptance. ASP facilitates an interdisciplinary knowledge base that is both practical and philosophical.  

Earn your undergraduate or graduate certificate in Accessibility Studies and make a difference in your career and in the lives of others!

Program Offerings

The 17-credit undergraduate certificate can be completed in one summer session or take a course each quarter to finish in a year.  The three core courses and the capstone project are offered online.   Add 5 elective credits to complete a minor.
The 19-credit graduate certificate includes three core courses, elective credits, and the culminating project. It can be completed in one year or in one summer session. The courses can also be used as a specialization within several graduate programs.
A 21-credit minor in Accessibility Studies requires the four core certificate courses, plus an additional five credits of program-approved electives. These credits can be part of your major, too. Tailor your minor to fit your desired career goals and interests.

Course Descriptions

Undergraduates-- Satisfy several General Education requirements:

  • Take ASP 305 Accessibility & User Experience  and learn about current careers requiring competence in troubleshooting accessibility. Investigate quality of life issues confront people of all ability levels in everyday experiences and environments.  This also satisfies the K-6 Individual & Society Knowledge area in the General Education program with two pathways: Health & Well-being and Social Justice
  • ASP 184 First Year Seminar is available for Freshmen to satisfy the First Year Experience requirement of General Education. 
  • ASP 485 Capstone satisfies the Culminating Experience requirement.  

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This social and service group meets online Fridays at 1130 am.

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