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Accessibility Studies

2021 Graduation Celebration

The Accessibility Studies Club hosted the first annual graduation celebration for people completing an Accessibility Studies Program. 

Enjoy this recording of the program!   Thank you, Accessibility Studies Club outgoing first president Angela Kyle and incoming president Amanda Hopkins plus the efforts of officers Alexa Stewart, Hannah Nelson, and Rachel Bailey-Pentz.

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0.00.00 Doors open: Social Time (informal commentary; items of interest)

0.21:43 This is a celebration, not the Commencement exercises that will occur this Saturday.

0.23:05 START OF PROGRAM  Dr. Petersen introduces the program and who we are celebrating today

0.25:52 Accessibility Studies Club First president: Angela Kyle, representing the CWU student body as a nontraditional transfer student.

0.31.48 Distinguished ASP Student: Hannah Spero, Research Fellow at Notre Dame University, whose ASP capstone research has been published.

0.37:26 Dept. of Curriculum, Supervision & Educational Leadership: Dr. Ian Loverro, addressing the interdisciplinary nature of Accessibility Studies Program. 

0.43:08 PARADE OF PROGRAM COMPLETERS (Z to A) Witness the diversity of practical applications in each of the capstone projects of our graduates!

0.51:39 State of the Accessibility Studies Program: Hail and Farewell to Faculty

0.55:32 Collaboration with the community and the increasing demand for internships

0.57:25 Thank you to ASC first year officers and accomplishments

1:00:00 Passing the marker/gavel to new President Amanda Hopkins; Next steps

1:04       END OF PROGRAM  (followed by informal comments by participants)

Here is a PDF of the   Slide deck of 2021 Accessibility Studies Program Graduation Celebration Event 2021.06.09

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