Getting Started

Whether you are working toward your first Residency Teacher Certificate, Administrator Certificate or adding endorsements, the Teacher Certification Program is here to help keep track of the required steps to certification. If you have any questions please reach out, we are excited to help you successfully reach this goal!

The Teacher Certification Program is located upstairs in Black Hall room 208-9 in the NE corner of the second floor. The routes to reach the office from either of the main staircases can be found on the map of the second floor.

Traditional Pathway to Teaching

This is a very broad overview of the process and requirements to earn your recommendation to OSPI for the Residency Teaching Certificate. The Teacher Certification flowchart (PDF) is another helpful resources that provides a visual map of the information below.

Step 1:

Apply to Teacher Certification Program after acceptance to CWU.

  • Feel free to sign up to join us at a TCP 101 seminar to get questions answered. Applications are processed only on the 1st of the month so delayed communication is to be expected.
  • Introduce yourself to your Education Advisor. They can help you with your graduation plan! Contact for assistance getting an Education Advisor!

Step 2:

Complete all Major and Minor coursework. You will need to be fully admitted to the Teacher Certification Program at some point in your required courses and some courses may require field placement applications in advance.

  • If you would like to schedule an appointment to get help on becoming fully admitted to the Teacher Certification Program, sign up for a TCP 201 appointment to get assistance.
  • Consult the Office of Field Experiences website frequently to meet deadlines for field experience course applications.

Step 3:

Complete pre-requisites and apply to Student Teaching two quarters before end of program.

  • If you need help with your e-cert account or pre-residency clearance application, sign up for the TCP 301 appointments!

Step 4:

Complete Student Teaching, and exit content exams. When your degree is awarded and all requirements are received, the Teacher Certification Program will recommend you to OSPI and e-mail you directions on your next steps.

  • Register for the TCP 401 webinar around mid-terms of your student teaching quarter to answer your questions about what happens next.

Step 5:

  • Claim your certificate from e-cert. Change lives!

Alternative Pathways to Teachingg

Graduate MAT program

Already a Teacher?

For more information on adding an endorsement to current WA teacher certificate please look at our Endorsement Only Program.

For more information about becoming an administrator please look at the Administrator Certification Program.


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