STEM Ed Week at Central Washington University

July 15-18, 2024

  • Networking
  • Innovative ideas
  • Affordably move up the pay scale
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Three Ways to join us summer!

STEM summer schedule is highlighted in the following three ways
  • STEM Clock Hours

    • STEM clock hours are offered through CWU's Continuing Education
    • $3 per hour
    • 3-5 hours of learning in collaboration with others per course

  • Non-Matriculated Graduate Credits

    • Earn CWU credit for each class
    • Non-Matric enrollment fee in addition to summer tuition assessed per credit
    • 3-5 hours of learning in collaboration with others plus assignments via Canvas through August 18th

  • STEM Leadership Master's

    • Apply for CWU Graduate School by May 15; earn CWU credit per each class
    • Summer tuition assessed per credit
    • 3-5 hours of learning in collaboration with others plus assignments via Canvas through August 18th

What STEM Ed Week Will look like

the STEM composition for the month of July will entail the following
  • Monday, July 10th
    Math512 (3cr) Functions and Modeling

    In-person launch 9am-12pm

    This project-based course will grant practicing teachers the opportunity to explore fundamental properties of functions from a mathematical modeling perspective. Teachers will investigate essential function concepts by authentically engaging with the full modeling cycle to model real-world scenarios. In particular, teachers will construct and revise appropriate model assumptions, construct a function model, collaboratively solve posed problems, and assess and refine their mathematical models based on resulting data.

  • Tuesday, July 11th
    STP501 (2cr) Design Authentic STEM Explorations for Diverse Learners

    In-person launch 9am-12pm

    STEM Leaders will engage in and analyze authentic STEM explorations to identify methods for making STEM learning environments engaging and relevant for a diverse group of learners. STEM Leaders will then use STEM best practices to plan and assess authentic STEM explorations that empower a diverse group of learners to explore and create meaningful demonstrations of their learning. By the end of the course, STEM Leaders will design instructional planning and assessment documents for authentic STEM explorations to be used in K-12 STEM classrooms.

    STP505 (2cr) Reflective Teaching to Increase Student Success

    In-person launch 11am-2pm

    STEM leaders will collaboratively engage in reflective teaching practices and examine how these practices impact student learning. STEM leaders will develop a flexible plan for using multiple forms of authentic evidence to improve their learning environment design and teaching practices in ways that respond proactively to the needs of students. By the end of the course, STEM leaders will collect student evidence and develop a plan to use the collected evidence to improve teaching based on student needs.

    STEM Social at The Tav, 4pm

    Visit with friends and new colleagues!

  • Wednesday, July 12th
    SCED520 (3cr) Makerspace for STEM Teachers

    In-Person Launch 9am-2pm

    STEM teachers will learn the fundamentals of designing makerspaces for facilitating project-based learning. STEM teachers will design, make, and tinker with makerspaces to facilitate future STEM projects for their classroom.

    Teach STEM Alumni Event, 5pm

    Contact for more details.

  • Thursday, July 13th
    STP507 (2cr) STEM Network Leadership Seminar

    In-Person Field Trip, Specifics to come

    STEM leaders will attend seminars led by STEM partners located throughout Washington State. Through participation in these seminars, STEM leaders will gain opportunities to integrate community-based assets and resources into their current educational context. STEM leaders will learn to leverage community collaborations to support STEM education in their districts, developing relationships that they can use as a resource for designing equitable, innovative projects directly connected to STEM careers.

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