Army and Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community

For students who wish to live with other cadets while at CWU, we are proud to offer, in partnership we CWU Housing and New Student Programs, the combined Army/Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community.

The ROTC Living-Learning Community allows Army ROTC and Air Force cadets to live in the same section of Kamola Hall. It is important to note, the ROTC Living-Learning Community is not like a military barracks. Students live in a tradition university residence hall environment. The LLC provides additional ROTC related activities and training opportunities. Most importantly, for many students it allows them to share rooms with other cadets who are on the same schedule (waking up early for Physical Fitness Training). For more information on the ROTC Living-Learning Community please visit the CWU Housing website.

Students in the ROTC Living-Learning Community still pay housing costs associated with an on-campus residence hall. If receiving an ROTC scholarship, the student can use the monthly cadet stipend (Army and Air Force ROTC) or the quarterly room and board payment (Army ROTC only) to pay for some or all of these costs.

More information on the ROTC LLC can be found on the ROTC LLC Housing Office Site

How do I apply for the ROTC LLC?

Please follow the instructions below to apply for the ROTC LLC. Your name will be added to a list that is forwarded to the Housing Office. It is important to note that space is limited. Please contact the housing office 3 - 4 days after you have applied for entry to confirm you have been accepted into the ROTC LLC. If room is no longer available for the ROTC LLC, a cadet can live in any residence hall on campus and still take part in the Army or Air Force ROTC.

Begin by clicking the "apply to the ROTC Living-Learning Community" link at the bottom of this page to submit your name to be in the ROTC LLC.
Wait 5 business days for Army or Air Force ROTC to forward your name to CWU Housing and for Housing to grant access in MyCWU to allow you to register for the ROTC LLC.
After 5 days, login to MyCWU, click the "Student" link at the top of the page. Click the "University Housing" option in the Student Dashboard (bottom left of the page). Begin a Residence Hall application. ROTC LLC should now be an option available to you when you register for housing.

Apply to Living-Learning Community

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