Departmental Policies

Mission Statement 

In support of liberal education, scientific careers, teacher preparation, and actuarial science, the mathematics department prepares students for quantitative and symbolic reasoning and advanced mathematical skills through general education, service, major, and graduate programs.

Course Outcomes

Course outcomes, when available, are provided on the Undergraduate Courses Listing and the Graduate Courses Listing.

Assessment In Lower-Level Classes

The Mathematics Department recognizes the importance of providing students with frequent assessment opportunities and timely feedback. Students should be assessed at least every other week during the quarter. Assessment tools may include in-class exams, quizzes, graded homework (online or otherwise), graded class work, etc.

The Mathematics Department has well defined placement procedures. Separate exams testing student prerequisite knowledge should neither 1) be used to exclude students from a class nor 2) significantly impact a student’s grade.

The Mathematics Department recognizes the usefulness of graphing calculators as problem-solving tools and expects its instructors to 1) demonstrate their use as a problem-solving tool and 2) provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their ability to correctly and appropriately use the graphing calculator. The department also highly encourages the use of other technologies in the classroom.

General Education Outcomes & Assessment 

General Education Outcomes focus on the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning component of the General Education Program at CWU.

Degree Outcomes & Assessment 

Outcomes associated with Undergraduate Degrees can be found on the Undergraduate Degree Outcomes page. Outcomes associated with Graduate Degrees can be found on the Graduate Degree Outcomes page.

Department Outcomes & Assessment 

Departmental Goals and Outcomes will be put here sometime soon.

Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion 

The current Department of Mathematics Policy on Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion is available as a PDF file at the College of the Science website

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