You enter the dedicated section of your university's website for international programs, seeking information on the resources available for your impending adventure abroad. As you click through the links, you find a treasure trove of support and guidance tailored to every aspect of your journey. From pre-departure orientations, visa assistance, and health and safety guidelines to cultural adjustment resources, academic support, and alumni testimonials, everything is meticulously laid out. Whether you're a student aiming for an exchange semester or a faculty member looking to collaborate internationally, the range of resources is designed to make the transition as seamless as possible. You feel reassured knowing that there are dedicated staff members who understand the complexities of international education, ready to assist you every step of the way. These resources are not merely logistical; they represent the commitment of your institution to ensure that your international experience is enriching, safe, and aligned with your academic and personal growth goals.

How to Study at CWU

Steps on how to study.
  • Step 1: Nomination

    Exchange students must be formally nominated by their home university coordinator. This nomination should be sent via email to Steven Cook, Associate Director of Education Abroad.

  • Step 2: Exchange Student Application
    The following materials must be submitted as PDFs to Steve Cook.

    1. International Exchange Student Application Form
    2. Passport Photo/Information Page (scanned copy; no digital photos) Students holding or eligible for US citizenship must apply as such.
    3. Official Transcript(s) Please provide official, English-language transcripts from your home institution, as well as any other previous institutions you have attended. If the transcripts do not include classes that are currently in progress, also submit a separate list of those ongoing classes.
    4. Proof of Language Proficiency (for non-native speakers of English) NB: Exempted from this requirement are all students nominated by Edinburgh Napier University, Queensland University of Technology, Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest, and the University of Dundee.
    5. Proof of Financial Responsibility
    6. Proof of Financial Responsibility Form
    7. Supporting Documents (all that apply)
    • Student bank statement or bank letter verifying sufficient funds
    • Parent bank statement(s) or bank letter(s) verifying sufficient funds (if providing financial support)
    • Proof of scholarship award
    • Proof of loan award

    8. Proposed Plan of Study

    Application Submission Deadlines

    Fall Start: 1 May
    Winter/Spring Start: 1 October

    These deadlines are somewhat flexible, and accommodations can be made as necessary. However, it is important to complete Items 1-4 promptly to gain access to the housing contract system. Item 5 is required before the DS-2019 can be generated. The Proposed Plan of Study must be submitted before our office can register students for their first term's classes.

  • Step 3: Letter of Admission, Housing Selection & Welcome Packet

    After the completion of the admission process, students will receive an electronic copy of their Letter of Admission, which contains their CWU student identification number (CWU ID) and other essential information. It is important for students to read this letter. A physical copy will be included in their Welcome Packet once their DS-2019 is generated.

    During this period, students will also receive access to the Pre-Arrival Orientation for International Students "class" in Canvas. This resource will offer guidance on pre-arrival tasks such as selecting accommodation and registering for classes. Students can also find helpful information on these pages and in the Incoming Exchange Student Handbook.

  • CWU Immunization Requirements

    CWU requires all incoming students have certain immunizations up-to-date and recommends several others. CWU Student Health Services manages the compliance process. Their website provides detailed information on the required immunizations, how to submit verification, and the process for submitting a waiver.

    If needed, consider getting the required immunizations before arriving in the U.S. However, CWU Student Health Services can administer immunizations for a fee after your arrival. Non-compliance or failure to obtain a waiver will result in a registration hold on your account, which will prevent class registration in future terms until compliance is met.

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