IT Data Management Graduate Certificate

About the IT Data Management Graduate Certificate

If you're a professional seeking to enhance your skills and add value to your current role, the IT Data Management Graduate Certificate is tailored for you. This certificate is designed for individuals who may not have the time to commit to a full-time graduate program but still want to gain expertise in the field. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of data analysis, database design, data security, and data-driven decision making. In the age of information, our mission is to help you unlock the full potential of data and harness it to drive innovation and progress.

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Why Study IT Data Management at CWU?

This program is exclusively online and allows you to work toward your degree anywhere and anytime.

If you are currently employed or place-bound, this is an easy and convenient way to take the next step in your professional career.

“While I was pursuing my master's degree, I decided to also take on the Data Analytics Graduate Certificate at the same time. One of the many reasons I decided to take this route was that there was an opportunity to learn other coding languages such as R programming language. Knowing myself, I like to accelerate my studies very quickly. Every day when I woke up, I was in a groove to finish my courses as fast as I could while maintaining good grades.” Joseph, MS-ITAM Alumni

Where is this program offered?

How much does this program cost?  

Explore information on Cost, Aid, and Value to make an informed decision about investing in your education at CWU. 

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the CWU Academic Catalog for current information about admission requirements, course descriptions, learner outcomes, and credit information. 


Here to Help

The ITAM department has over 50 faculty and staff located in Washington state and beyond, so we can support you online, in person, and on your own time.

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