Scholarships and Grants

As you embark on your journey in the aviation field, consider the financial resources available to you, such as scholarships and grants. These are funds provided by institutions, companies, or foundations that can help offset your education costs. You may be surprised to learn just how many are offered specifically for aviation studies. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or offered based on factors like your intended career path, geographic location, or other personal characteristics. You should also check if any grants, which like scholarships don't need to be repaid, are available to you. Applying for scholarships and grants might seem daunting, but remember, every little bit helps when funding your education and achieving your dreams of flight.

Central students have a number of general scholarships available to them, but as a student majoring in aviation you have access to a multitude of additional, aviation-specific grants and scholarships. Below is a selection of scholarships our students have earned in the past, but there are many more available online through other aviation organizations. A little bit of searching and work today can go a long way toward paying for your flight training tomorrow!

General Scholarships

All students at Central are encouraged to apply for general scholarships.  Applications are done online and the student will be asked questions in order to determine which scholarships they may qualify for.  The application process typically opens in October (Fall Quarter) and closes in February (Winter Quarter).  Any scholarships you are selected for will be awarded the following school year. Please visit the GSA website for more details, including which scholarships are available.

Aviation Scholarships

Aviation scholarships are plentiful and oftentimes associated with aviation organizations.  It's advantageous to hold a membership to these organizations in order to receive advance-notice to scholarship availability.  Additionally, some scholarships may require you to be member of their organization in order to qualify.  It's worth your time to research scholarship availability.  The list below isn't exhaustive, but should serve as a good starting point.  Contact the aviation department or your academic advisor to find out if there are any scholarships available beyond what is listed here. Please also see the 2023 Collegiate Aviation Scholarship Catalog!

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