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Bouillon Hall
400 E. University Way
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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Experience augmented reality in Samuelson and Bouillon this summer.

As part of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality initiative developed with Information Services and the Student Tech Fee Council, ATMS designed and built 4 mobile virtual reality units (to host two HTC Vives and two Oculus Rifts) and two Microsoft Hololens. These units are managed by a team of VR student technicians.

Each Friday during academic quarters, "VR Friday" is held in various locations around campus. This is advertised weekly in Central Today and on the log-in page to MyCWU.

Private VR sessions and group events can be requested through the service catalog.

Augmented Reality Sandbox in SamuelsonATMS built two Augmented Reality mobile sandboxes based on the prototype developed at UC-Davis. These are out and about on campus. Check out the newly remodeled Samuelson building for this hands-on experience.













As AR and VR developers expand the functionality of these technologies, ATMS will be at the forefront bringing this before the CWU student body.

ATMS  - Room scale VR (VIVE / Rift)

• 3D Organon VR Anatomy
• Blocks
• Body VR
• Google Earth VR
• Tiltbrush
• You by Sharecare

Experiences - Interactive experiences

o Apollo 11 VR
o InMind VR
o Mindshow
o Nature Treks VR
o Plank Experience
o Droid Repair Bay
o The Blu
o Trials on Tatooine
o VR Museum of Fine Art

Short, passive experiences

o Fantasynth: Chez Noir
o Spotlight Stories: Pearl
o Spotlight Stories: Sonaria
o Sensa Peso
o Surge

Long, passive experiences (short film)

o Allumette


• Accounting
• Budget Cuts Demo
• Compound Demo
• Job Simulator
• The Lab
• Lazerbait
• The Red Stare
• Space Pirate Trainer
• Raw Data
• Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality


• Holograms
• Holostudy Demo
• Insight Heart
• Microsoft Edge
• Minecraft
• Roboraid
• Young Conquer
• Galaxy Explorer
• Holostudio
• Holotour
• Land of Dinosaurs
• Lifeliqe HoloLens

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